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A4Biz Sales Sheet

A4Biz, AIRTIME-Manager's newest product, is a business enterprise solution that allocates and aggregates handheld communications between business and personal use during a carrier's billing cycle. This is a simple, accurate, and ideal application for those seeking expense reimbursement from their employer for mobile usage charges. In addition, the A4Biz ExpenseNote feature offers a built-in expense entry form for all of your business expenses incurred outside of the office.

A4Biz solves the problems:

How can I accurately identify the amount of time I spend on wireless business calls each month from my personal cell phone so I can easily include it on my employer's expense reports?

How can I make sure that my company only pays for the business use of my employees' wireless devices?


A4Biz Handheld Features

  • Operates on cell phones, smartphones, and voice/data enabled PDAs
  • Designate both voice and data communications as business or personal use
  • Quick pop-up interface appears after every communication to ensure that all mobile time is captured
  • A4Biz ExpenseNote enables the user to create entries for all expenses incurred while outside the office

A4Biz Reporting Features

  • At the end of every billing cycle of your wireless carrier, A4Biz creates a report detailing the business and personal use of your device during that cycle
  • Monitor and edit all of your expense entries

View a quick demo and see how simple and effortless AIRTIME-A4Biz's one-click solution works with a phone call.

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