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Is “Real-Time Capturing” better than “Doing it Later”?

AIRTIME’s AIRTIME-A4Mail delivers a complete suite of mobile productivity tools for your BlackBerry or Windows Mobile 6.0 converged mobile devices. AIRTIME-A4Mail enables you to:

  • manage wireless work product with AIRTIME’s Email Management solution
  • manage business processes with AIRTIME’s Voting Forms
  • manage correspondence risk with AIRTIME’s “Reply-to-All” filter
  • manage time and events, when integrated with AIRTIME-A4P

AIRTIME-A4Mail comes with a menu of features, all of which stay true to AIRTIME’s core mission: helping mobile professionals take the simplest and shortest route to reach their business objectives. This means providing your users easy and intuitive tools while integrating seamlessly with your back office systems.

Email Management - An Opportunity for the Mobile Professional

Increasingly, professional firms have adopted sophisticated data management tools for the “in office” desktops and mobile PC users, but these tools have not yet migrated to the converged mobile devices segment of the professional market.

Today's progressive firm understands the importance of enabling its mobile workforce with these tools. In response, AIRTIME has partnered with its clients in an effort to help them extend critical business processes to wireless devices while managing risk. The solution is AIRTIME-A4Mail.

File Now, Forget Never

Reply All Filtering Document management systems allow you to associate emails with a client file, but what if you travel solely with a converged mobile device? The standard solution is to file things when you get back. Unfortunately, this approach fails to accommodate our
best instincts to deal with matters as they arise, and ignores our worst habits – i.e., to let things go if “left for later.”

  • A4Mail lets you address the task “in the moment”
  • Save email and attachments to your DMS
  • Associate your email contacts with client files
  • Access commonly-used client files with a single click
  • Automatically record billable time to your diary

Wireless Voting

Wireless VotingClients are the lifeblood of your business, and an efficiently run client intake process is essential to healthy growth. With partners constantly on the move, this key business process needs to travel with them.

A4Mail's Wireless Voting feature makes this possible, delivering voting requests directly to your partners' BlackBerrys. Wireless Voting can be customized based on the unique needs of your firm, and integrates with most email plaforms.

Reply-to-All Filtering

Reply All FilteringThe immediacy and form factor of your PDA offer great conveniences but also tremendous potential for embarrassing or even litigious communication.

To minimize risk while maximizing convenience, what's needed is not Big Brother but a friendly hand on the shoulder prior to releasing a potentially sensitive email.

A4Mail accomplishes this by displaying a simple reminder message whenever you select Reply-to-All. This message can be dismissed with a single click, assuming the Reply-to-All was intentional. If by accident, you can remove one or more recipients
and re-send your message.

AIRTIME-A4Mail is for Top Producers

Enjoy the ease and convenience of email filing from anywhere, stay connected to key business processes, and help protect your firm’s reputation using AIRTIME-A4Mail’s simple Reply-to-All Filter.

Are you one of the best of the best? Stay on top using your own skills and gifts, backed by AIRTIME-A4Mail’s executive power tools.

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