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AIRTIME-Enterprise How it Works Why AIRTIME-Enterprise

AIRTIME-Manager's core product, A4P-Enterprise, fills a niche not yet available in the professional services area. A4P-Enterprise solves the problem:

How do I capture and bill for all of my time spent on a client matter when I'm out of the office and on my mobile communication device?

Using the call and email events to trigger the software, and supporting the application with a smart backend billing service, A4P-Enterprise eliminates the effort required to track time-based mobile billable events. With A4P-Enterprise, you maximize your productivity and recover revenues that would otherwise go unbilled.

A4P-Enterprise Handheld Features

  • Capture of all time spent on calls and emails
  • AIRTIME's TimeNote: Manual entry of billable events (meetings, research, other calls, etc.)
  • Optional entry of client number, matter code, and reminder notes for each event
  • Recall of client/matter or project codes for established contacts
  • Designate the minimum time threshold for events to be deemed billable
  • Turn A4P-Enterprise on/off at anytime
  • Accumulate short periods of billable time until they reach your minimum billing increment

A4P-Enterprise Web Editor Features

  • Real-time report of captured data
  • Each report record provides date/time, contact information, origination, billable/expense, duration, client/matter number, and notes/comments
  • Reports allow editing of each field as necessary
  • Look up of client/matter numbers
  • View past and new activity
  • Approve or delete event records
  • Create invoices of approved events
  • Administrative features allow for the management of multiple timekeeper accounts
  • Online user manual

Click here to find out how A4P-Enterprise works.

Read how one firm is using A4P-Enterprise to drive up revenues while making their clients happier: Shea Stokes & Carter Case Study.

View a demo of A4P-Enterprise's one click solution. Please be patient - download may take a few seconds.

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