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AIRTIME-Manager's Elite Smartphone Offering Now Supports the iPhone

June 7, 2010 - AIRTIME-Manager, Thomson Elite’s time management solution for BlackBerry® smartphones, today rolled out its iPhone® version. This initial release will let iPhone users log their time, as well as capture billable hours, via a stopwatch. Once the iPhone offers multitasking, AIRTIME can enhance the application to track billable time on both calls and email. Now attorneys with iPhones can begin to maximize their time billing as effectively as other smartphone users.

AIRTIME is tightly integrated with Elite practice management systems such as Elite 3E®, Elite Webview®, Elite Enterprise® and ProLaw®. Recently used billing matters for each timekeeper are automatically synced with their wireless devices while captured time is sent back to the practice management system. Billable time spent on calls and email is automatically recorded and intelligently matched with the billing matter.

Elite’s AIRTIME users have captured at least 2-3 “billable wireless hours” each month. Multiple hours retrieved generates otherwise lost income, potentially accruing thousands of dollars in yearly revenue. The latest case studies and savings data will be showcased at the 2010 Elite User Conference, held in Miami FL, June 15-17. AIRTIME's iPhone Elite time tracking solution will also be featured..

“Our focus on mobilizing practice management gives us the bandwidth to continue innovating while responding to the myriad of new devices and platforms taking root in today's law firm," said Kirk Fackre, Chief Sales Officer at AIRTIME-Manager. "As a result, our partnership with Elite has helped to make AIRTIME a global brand, bringing our solution to firms across Europe and Asia, and of course, North America." For more information about Elite's AIRTIME-Manager offering, please visit You can also download the latest brochure here

About AIRTIME-Manager: AIRTIME-Manager designs, develops, and delivers a suite of mission critical applications for wireless devices. AIRTIME's applications fall into three product groups designed to meet the needs of professional services firms and business enterprises by mobilizing their offices on wireless devices:

  • AIRTIME-A4P automatically captures time associated with wireless calls and emails and delivers billable hours directly to the accounting system.
  • AIRTIME-A4Mail helps mobile professionals manage wireless client communications.
  • AIRTIME-A4Biz differentiates personal from business use of wireless devices for the purpose of expense management and allocation.
AIRTIME-Manager®, A4P®, and A4Biz® are the property of AIRTIME-Manager, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.